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For Children and Families
Together, we help children and adolescents with complex problems made worse by their stressful
environments. Often, they have lost their sense of place in the world and have a view of their future
that is trapped in the present.
Our goal is to support and strengthen families to keep them together. We work with struggling
families and newly formed ones to help them thrive.
When children enter foster care they are often traumatized for a variety of reasons. The need to
enter foster care causes added trauma which can trigger additional emotional distress in these
youth. Often, these circumstances will present as problematic behavior when placed with another
Our goal is to help these children and adolescents create a lasting sense of family, home and
community, and prepare them for a promising future. We help them build a truly durable foundation
of skills and experiences that allow them to thrive and become contributors to their communities as
they come of age.
At Abbott House, our philosophy and mission are geared to providing children and adolescents
with the foundational development of healing, safety and opportunity they need to thrive in
these preferred family settings. Through counseling, health care, life skills, academic support,
employment training and the like, we help them find their place in the world.
Click here to learn more about our specific programs and services for children and families.
migrant children were admitted
into Abbott House’s Transitional
Resources for Children (TRC)
Program and reunited with a
family member or sponsor.
children and adolescents in foster
care had a safe, comfortable
place to live.
foster parents were recruited,
trained and supported.
individuals were served by
Abbott House’s Services for
People with Developmental
Disabilities Program.
new children were welcomed
into Abbott House’s foster care
children found a forever home.
This represents an increase
of over 90% of our goal set
by NYC’s Administration for
Children’s Services.
of permanent placements
were preserved through
our Permanency Resource
Center Program with in-home
counseling, trauma informed
interventions, advocacy, and
of individuals with developmental
disabilities in our supervised
homes have successfully
increased their independence
in the home as well as in the
community so they can enjoy a
more individually driven life.
of our children in foster care are
living with kinship caregivers.
For Adults with Developmental Disabilities
The thrust of our work with adults with complex needs is to help create enduring foundations of
home, community and future in their lives. They often have capacities, strengths and goals that are
overlooked by environments where ‘management’ overshadows growth. They’re often hindered,
unwittingly, by caregivers, from becoming their own person and developing their own notion of
what their life will come to be.
Regardless of their history or circumstance, our aim is to provide these individuals with an
environment of healing, safety and opportunity to create their future.
Adults with complex needs will not “bootstrap” themselves out of their plight and into prospering
futures. They critically depend on our professional intervention and partnership.
Through counseling, health care, life skills, employment training and the like, we help them
find their place in the world. Additionally, Keon Programs of Abbott House operates multiple
community based programs, volunteering, pre-vocational training, and job placement services.
Click here to learn more about our specifc programs and services for adults with
developmental disabiilities.
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