Abbott House Annual Report FY19 - Page 13

Abbott House is a beacon of hope; a welcoming environment where
individuals receive the kind of foundational support they need to
become the best versions of themselves. For many of our adults with
developmental disabilities, Abbott House truly is a home in every
sense of the word, and in many cases our staff extensions of their
This is especially true for Hannah, who became eligible for services
through OPWDD (Office for People With Developmental Disabilities)
after having spent her life in and out of her mother’s home and
various foster placements. Hannah struggled with her developmental
disabilities throughout her youth and tried unsuccessfully to keep
up with her peers on their life milestones whether employment,
boyfriends or other growth opportunities.
Without the consistency of a stable home environment or caregiver,
and without a proper care plan to help Hannah with her disabilities,
she constantly found herself feeling abandoned, alone and frustrated.
However, this all changed when she joined our family at Abbott House.
From the moment Hannah moved into one of our group homes, we
were able to provide her with a tremendous amount of behavioral,
nursing and direct-support services that were previously not available
to her. The staff was trained and informed about Hannah’s disability
diagnosis and past trauma, and were then able to create a Life Plan to
help her thrive in her new environment.
Our clinical team analyzed
behavior data and
strategically faded restrictions
to increase self-determined
living for our Services for
People with Developmental
Disabilites population by
Abbott House Annual Report FY2019
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Eventually, thanks to her loving and dedicated staff, Hannah began
to feel safe and secure in her new home. In turn, her caregivers
gained a better understanding of her emotions and the best ways to
support her during difficult times. Hannah’s hospitalizations decreased,
and she began to tolerate difficult situations with fewer emotional
Hannah has had a truly transformational experience in our care. As a
result of her positive behavioral achievements, her supervision level in
the community has been modified to allow her more independence.
She also has been able to have more frequent and unsupervised visits
with her mother and siblings.
“There is
no normal
life that
is free of
pain. It’s
the very
with our
that can be
the impetus
for our
These are more than milestone moments – they are
transformational moments!
During the holidays, a team of big-hearted employees at People’s
United Bank wanted to make the season extra special for adults with
developmental disabilities in care at Abbott House. Thanks to their
generous hearts, more than 30 adults in our SPDD Program were
granted their most wished-for items, including brand new coats,
makeup kits and even gift cards to Starbucks. Each present was
beautifully wrapped, labeled and delivered just in time to spread lots
of smiles on Christmas morning.
Abbott House Annual Report FY2019
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