Abbott House Annual Report FY19 - Page 2

Dear Good Neighbor,
Yes, you are indeed a good neighbor! Last year,
through the magic of cinema, Mr. Fred Rogers
awakened in our hearts a renewed sense of what
being a good neighbor means - and how much is
possible when we all come together. 2019 was a year
of tremendous community spirit at Abbott House.
Whether you volunteered or donated funds to support
our mission, each and every one of you stepped
forward to spread kindness and compassion to
traumatized children, struggling families and adults with
developmental disabilities. They needed your love, and you didn’t hesitate to share it with them.
We are deeply grateful to you for believing everyone deserves a chance to overcome their
As we celebrate all we have accomplished together, we also want to take a moment of pause as we
now face a world that has changed in unimaginable ways due to Covid-19. Our commitment to providing
safety, healing, and hope to those we serve remains the top priority. Our dedicated staff are on the front
lines every day facing insurmountable challenges and as we brace ourselves for what lies ahead, we
confidently move forward knowing that we have a community of neighbors like you in our corner.
Fred Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother
would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
You are the helpers, and with your help, those in our care continue to have opportunities to transform
their tomorrows and build promising futures. You will read more about your impact in the pages of this
You may know that the majority of our funding comes from government contracts, which are important
partnerships; ones that are essential to the operation of our many programs and services. However,
these contracts do not cover all the costs necessary to take care of running the agency and providing
the kind of extra support and specialized care that we all know is needed by so many.
In the last few years we have embarked on a journey to engage the community in our lifesaving work;
to help provide the vital resources that are not provided through government contracts. 2019 was our
best year yet together, and with your continued compassionate support, we hope that 2020 will be
even better.
One final thought. With so much sadness and anxiety in our world right now, we invite you to be inspired
by the amazing things we have accomplished together. These pages bring hope and highlight the
impact that your generosity of time, passion and funds had on those who most needed your help.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for your compassionate heart. It is only together that we can truly
help people feel safe, heal from trauma and find hope. And that makes our community stronger for all
of us.
James L. Kaufman, LCSW-R
President and CEO
Walter Montgomery, Ph.D
Board Chairman


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