Dog Play Yard with Sensory Garden Booklet (5) - Page 6

The design elements of the play yard will enhance the dogs’ physical
health, mental state and general well-being. The details of the space
are carefully selected to create a stimulating, stress reducing, sensory
delight for the dogs that are so deserving of this special place.
The textured items will include tractor tire arches, wooden walkways, tire
planters, grass, mulch, a water feature, and gravel.
Various plants will help the dogs relieve stress by using their natural sense
of smell. All plants are dog-friendly and have a specific benefit.
Rosemary: this beautiful scented plant is a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and
has many cardiovascular benefits to dogs.
Lavender: this purple plant is calming to dogs and can help repel fleas and ticks due
to its powerful smell.
Wheat grass: this particular plant is very high in chlorophyll and fiber, both very
beneficial to dogs.
Fenced area for running, playing and socializing in a safe space.
Bubbling boulder fountain for silly fun, relaxation, and for cooling down.
Raised platform for sunbathing and catching the breeze.
Tunnels especially for dogs who may feel more safe playing where they are
hidden but for exploration too.
Log play area for digging and chewing.


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