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Family Faith
Chapter 1
The Story of God’s Love
We were created by God to love and be loved.
Chapter Focus
Let’s Talk About It
God is a loving God, and he created each of us to be
in friendship with him. When we choose to know and
love God, we are happy. The story of God’s love for us is
written in the Bible.
• Who is God?
God is love.
More for Parents
As parents, we have daily experience with the beauty
of human love. Love looks like hugs and smiles, but
it also looks like cooking, going to work, cleaning,
laundry, and grocery shopping. Love is both rewarding
and sacrificial. Despite the sacrifice, however, parents
experience how satisfying it is. Why is this work so
fulfilling? Because we are made in the image of God
who is love. We are not made in the image of a selfish,
narcissistic, or lazy god but are made in the image of
God who gives himself to others. We are satisfied by
loving because we have been made by love and for
love. In order to love others better, it is important to be
close to God, the source of love. Can we set aside time
each day to be with God so that we can more readily
share his life-giving love with our families?
Let’s Pray Together
Dear God,
You are good and loving.
Help me to receive your love.
Help me to love you more each day.
Help me to be kind and loving to
my family and friends.
• Why did God make you?
God made me to love and be loved.
• How can we be happy?
We are happy when we share God’s love with others.
• What is God’s plan?
To love him on earth and to be happy with him in
Heaven forever.
• What is the Bible?
The Bible is a book that tells us the story of God’s
love for us.
Family Faith Activity
Suggested activities for families:
• Pray reverently with our heads bowed and
hands folded.
• Parents may want to begin teaching their
children the Sign of the Cross.
• Set aside time to read a children’s
Bible story.
Let’s Celebrate Our Faith
Dear God,
Thank you for your gift of love.
I am so happy to be a part of the story of your love.
Help me to love others.

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