LA Congress WOL 9x12 Sample Book - Page 16

Chapter 1 - God’s Love Story
Lesson 1
Choose to Love
Let’s LearntoAbout
Our Faith
love God
Let’s Read
God’s Word
“God is love.”—1 John
God is love, and
he shares his love
happy. We can choo
er. 1
ch othPoint
and eaFocus
God is love; he created us out of love. He made us to be in a loving
friendship with him and each other.
Love Makes Us Ha
ke us happy.
pictures that will ma
Circle the
Read God’s Word
with me. God’s love
makes me happy.
“God is love.” (1 John 4:8)
is l
loves me
Draw a picture
of yourself inside
the heart.
Let’s Live Our Faith
with others.
We share God’s love
Let’s Prepare Our Hearts
Transition Song (Optional)
See page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual for song lyrics.
Today, teach the students why we fold our hands and bow our heads
in prayer.
What we do with our bodies reflects what we feel in our hearts.
In other words, we speak and send messages with our mouths
and with our bodies.
By bowing our heads and folding our hands in prayer, we are
showing God that we love and honor him.
After bowing your heads and folding your hands, read the Opening
Prayer on page 1 of the Student Text or pray using your own words.
Dear God, you are good and loving. Help me to receive your
love. Help me to love you more each day. Help me to be kind
and loving to my family and friends. Amen.
Let’s Proclaim the Good News
Class, the truth we are learning is:
We were created by God to love and be loved.
Read “Let’s Read God’s Word” on page 2 of the Student Text then do the
Bible Fun! Optional Activity on page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual.
Love begins with God because God is love!
What are some things that your parents do to show their love for you?
(They hug us; they give us food; they give us a home to live in; they
ith show us how to love others; etc.)
r Fa
e Ou
God’s love grows in
when We could say that our parents give us love as a gift, couldn’t we?
Where do you think they get their love?
(Answers will vary.)
They learned love from their parents and friends, who learned it from
their parents and friends. But where does love begin?
(Answers will vary.)
Every time someone gives love, they received that love from God,
even if they don’t know it!
When you give love or love someone, you are sharing something
you first received from God!
God always loves us. But we must always have an open heart
in order to receive his love.
If you don’t open your heart to God, will you be able to receive
God’s love?
Take a paper heart with the words “God’s love” written on top. Wrap
the heart in decorative paper and give the gift to a student. First have
one student put the gift aside. Explain that if we do not open the gift,
it does us no good. Then give the gift to another student. Have that
student open the gift. Explain that God’s gift of love is always there for
us to receive. It is up to us to “open” the gift by listening and opening
our hearts to God.
We should always listen to God and open our hearts when he gives
us his love. God’s love for us never ends.
How does God show his love for us?
(Answers should include family, friends, sacraments, Mass,
prayer, etc.)
Look at the picture on page 2 of the Student Text. (The illustration of
rays of sunshine coming out of the heavens and a child below with
open arms.)
Unit 1

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