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God Is Love
Pope Benedict XVI began his papacy in 2005 with the encyclical letter Deus Caritas Est or “God is Love.” The Holy Father wanted to remind the modern
world of the simple yet profound truth that God is love and that God desires to share his love with us so that we can share that love with others. He also
stated that “today, the term ‘love’ has become one of the most frequently used and misused of words, a word to which we attach quite different meanings”
(Deus Caritas Est, 2). We need to remember that love only comes from God and only in our knowledge of God and relationship with him can we really know
the full meaning of love. This simple truth of “God is love” that we teach our students has profound meaning for how we are all to live our lives!
God gives us many gifts.
What do you see coming out of the clouds?
(Rays of sunshine.)
Just like God gives us the rays of sunshine, God gives us his love as
a gift.
When someone gives you a gift, what should you do before you
say thank you?
(Open the gift, receive the gift.)
God always loves us, but it is important that we receive God’s
gift of love. We can receive God’s gift of love by opening our hearts
to him in a special way.
Let’s stop for a moment and close our eyes. Let’s talk to God and say:
“Dear God, please help us to open our hearts to you so that we can
receive your love more fully.”
It is important to always say “thank you.”
After we receive the gift of God’s love what should we do?
(Thank him.)
Let’s say together, “Thank you God for your gift of love for me.”
When you receive God’s love, you are in a loving friendship
with him.
True friends help each other, talk with each other, and spend time
together. True friends love each other.
God is like our friends on earth, but he is more than a friend! He is
someone who loves us more than anyone else in the world!
Do loving friendships with our parents and friends make us happy?
Do you want to have a loving friendship with God?
Our lives are a loving gift from God. He created each of us so
that he can share his love with us and so that we can share this love
with others.
God made each of us because he wants us to love him now in this
life and to be happy with him forever in Heaven.
God is love. God always shares his love with us. When we receive his
love and thank him for it, we are in a loving friendship with God. God
has a special plan for each of us.
God Loves Me! Activity
Have the students draw a picture of themselves inside of the heart
on page 2 of the Student Text to show that God created them out of
love and gave them the gift of love. Read the text: “God is love. God
loves me.”
Let’s Live Our Faith
God gives us his love so that we can be in a loving friendship with him
and with others. We learn about God’s love from our family. They give
us their love, and we should give them our love.
What are some ways we can share God’s love with our family?
(Saying thank you, helping with chores, sharing our toys, etc.)
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 1
God is ___________.
Does God keep his love for himself or does he share it?
(God shares his love.)
Does God want us to show our love to him?
Does God have a special plan for our lives?
Does God want us to share his love with others?
Let’s Pray
Have students fold their hands and bow their heads in prayer.
When we pray, we are telling God we love him. Today we will celebrate
God’s love through a prayer.
Dear God, thank you for creating me and giving me your love.
I want to be in a loving friendship with you all the time. Help
me to remember your love for me throughout the day. Amen.
We are each unique, which means there will never be another person
like us. Because God shares his love with us, each of us is special.
Can you say: “I am special because God loves me”?
Chapter 1

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