LA Congress WOL 9x12 Sample Book - Page 18

Choose to Love
ch other makes us
Loving God and ea
se to love God
happy. We can choo
Does God want us to share his love with others?
and each other.
Let’s Proclaim the Good News
Love Makes Us Ha
Class, the truth we are learning is:
We were created by God to love and be loved.
t will make us happy.
Circle the pictures tha
Let’s Learn About Our Faith
Focus 2
We can choose to love God and each other. Loving God and each other
makes us happy.
God gives us his love as a gift.
Do you like to receive gifts?
(Answers will vary.)
Let’s Live Our Faith
God’s love grows in
when we love others
What is the best gift you have ever received?
(Answers will vary.)
The best gift we have ever received is God’s love.
We should always say “thank you” when we receive a gift.
Let’s Prepare Our Hearts
Say a Prayer Transition Song (Optional)
See page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual for instructions.
Lectio Divina
Instruct the students to reverently fold their hands and bow their heads
in prayer during reflection.
Lead students in a lectio divina on 1 John 4:8 – “God is love.”
A detailed explanation of lectio divina can be found on page 3 of the
Teacher’s Manual.
Bible Verse Activity (Optional)
You may refer to the Bible Fun! activity on page 3 of the Teacher’s
Manual to help the students recall the Bible verse.
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 1
God is ___________.
Does God keep his love for himself or does he share it?
(God shares his love.)
Does God want us to show our love to him?
Does God have a special plan for our lives?
Unit 1
What should we do when God gives us his love?
(Say thank you.)
It is good to share what we have with others.
What should we do with the gift of God’s love?
(Answers will vary.)
When we receive the gift of love from God, we should share it with
someone else, shouldn’t we?
There are many ways to share God’s gift with others.
How do we share God’s gift of love?
(Helping others, telling others that God loves them, etc.)
Can you name a time that you shared God’s love with another person?
(Answers will vary.)
Did it make you happy to share God’s love with someone else?
Sometimes it is not easy to show our love for God, for example,
if we want to eat before we say our prayers before meals.
Sometimes it is not easy to share the gift of love with others, like
when we would rather keep our gifts to ourselves.
Can you think of a time when you did not share God’s love with your
family or friends?
(Answers will vary.)

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