LA Congress WOL 9x12 Sample Book - Page 19

Because God loves us so much, he lets us choose to love him
and to love others. He doesn’t force us to love. Each of us has a
choice to love God or to turn away from him.
We should always try our best to choose to love God and others.
Does it make you happy to cheer someone up who is sad?
Are you happy when you show someone that you love them?
Are others happy when you show them that you love them?
Choosing to love God and others makes us happy. When we
choose not to love God or others, we are sad.
Because God loves us, he allows us to choose to love him or not to
love him. When we choose to love God and other people, like our
parents, we are happy.
Love Makes Us Happy! Activity
Review the pictures on page 3 of the Student Text, and have
students circle the pictures that will make them happy.
Let’s Live Our Faith
Did you know? When we are baptized, we became part of God’s family.
At Baptism, God gave us the gift of love.
We will always have this gift, but we want it to grow, don’t we?
God first gives us the gift of love. But if you give love to your mom,
do you still have love?
If we share our love with our mom, do we lose that love?
What if you also give it to your dad, do you have more or less love?
(More love.)
And your siblings?!
(You still have more love.)
God will help us to love him and one another. Remember to always
pray to God to help you love him and others more.
Optional Activity 1
Passing on God’s Love to Others Craft and Game
For instructions on this activity, see page 14 of the Teacher’s Manual.
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 2
Does God let us choose to love him, or does he force us to love him?
(He lets us choose.)
How do we feel if we choose to love God?
What are ways we can choose to love God?
(Answers will vary but can include talking to God in prayer, going to
Mass, watching a video about him or a saint, thanking him for all the
ways he takes care of you, etc.)
Does God want us to share his love with others?
What are some ways we can share God’s love with others?
(Answers will vary but can include helping your mom and dad, sending
a card to someone who is sick, comforting someone who is sad,
inviting someone who is sitting by themselves to play with you, etc.)
Let’s Pray
Reinforce with the students how to fold their hands and bow their
heads in prayer.
Dear God, thank you for giving your love to me as a gift.
Help me to give your love back by saying my prayers and by
treating others with kindness. Amen.
Optional Song
This Little Light of Mine
For song lyrics, see page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual.
We are going to end our lesson today with a special song that is
about sharing God’s love with others.
God’s love shines in us like a great light, and we want to share the
light of God’s love with others. Let’s sing the song “This Little Light
of Mine.”
What about your friends?
(You still have more love.)
The more you give love or share your love, the more you have! Isn’t
that amazing?
What can you do to love God and your family more?
(Answers may include praying, helping your parents with chores,
praying for your family, going to Mass, etc.)
Chapter 1

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