LA Congress WOL 9x12 Sample Book - Page 20

Happiness in Heaveshare in
s in Heaven
The angels and saint
in Heaven is happy.
God’s love. Everyone
The Story of
The angels and saints are happy because they are filled with God’s
is sharing his love with one another.
d’s they
The story
in the Bible.
God created Heaven as a gift for each of us. He wants us to be with
him forever in Heaven one day.
Do you want to be with God in Heaven one day?
Trace the heart to sho
Then draw
God’s love. (Yes.)
yourself in the Bible.
Bible Verse Activity (Optional)
rt ofBible
I Am PaThe
Fun! activity on page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual can be
God’s Love.
Story of
repeated here.
Catholic ABC’s
A is for Angels.
Let’s Live Our Faith
Our Holy Friends
How can I be holy like
the saints in Heave
Let’s Prepare Our Hearts
Say a Prayer Transition Song (Optional)
See page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual for instructions.
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 2
Does God let us choose to love him, or does he force us to love him?
(He lets us choose.)
How do we feel if we choose to love God?
What are ways we can choose to love God?
5 in prayer, going to
(Answers will vary but can include talking to God
Mass, watching a video about him or a saint, thanking him for all the
ways he takes care of you, etc.)
Does God want us to share his love with others?
What are some ways we can share God’s love with others?
(Answers will vary but can include helping your mom and dad, sending
a card to someone who is sick, comforting someone who is sad,
inviting someone who is sitting by themselves to play with you, etc.)
Instruct the students to bow their heads and fold their hands.
Dear God, we see how happy the angels and saints are in
Heaven. Please help me to make my own home a place of
happiness and lead me to be with you in Heaven one day.
Sacred Art
Dance of the Angels and the Just in Paradise (detail), Fra Angelico.
Direct the students to look at the painting on page 4 of the
Student Text.
Look at this painting. What do you see?
(Answers will vary. Those with wings are angels. Those without
wings are saints.)
What does it look like the angels and saints are doing?
Why do you think that they are dancing?
(They are happy.)
Why do you think they are happy?
(Answers will vary.)
Unit 1
Let’s Proclaim the Good News
Class, the truth we are learning is:
We were created by God to love and be loved.
Let’s Learn About Our Faith
Focus 3
God has a plan for each of us to be happy now on earth and to be
happy in Heaven one day.
In the Bible, God tells us about his plan of love for all of us.
The Bible teaches us how much God loves us and how we are to love
him and each other while we are living on earth.
Following God’s plan for us makes us very happy.
God also created us to be happy forever in Heaven one day.
Heaven is a gift from God!
Do you ever think about what it is like in Heaven?
(Answers will vary.)

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