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The Holy Bible
The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is a collection of Jewish and early Christian writings. It is written by human authors inspired by the grace of God to
write the story of God’s love for us (see CCC, 104). Because the Bible contains the Word of God, we should read it and pray with it frequently (see CCC, 133).
Who will be in Heaven?
(God, the angels, the saints, and all of the people who have died in
God’s friendship.)
If the saints are in Heaven, we should try to be like the saints,
shouldn’t we?
Angels are God’s helpers. The angels are painted with wings to
remind us that they live in Heaven and that God sends them to help
people on earth.
The saints were people just like you and me. They were
children once, and they learned about God. They sometimes
made mistakes but learned to make good choices.
Saints are people who loved God very much on earth. They chose to
love God so much that when they died, they went to live with him in
Saints were very holy people. Do you know what holy means?
(Answers will vary.)
Why do you think we will be happy in Heaven?
(Because God is there.)
If someone is holy it means that they are filled with God’s love and
do things to show that God’s love is in their hearts.
Heaven is God’s home.
We all want to have God’s love in our hearts, don’t we?
Did you know that God made a place for each of us to be with him in
his home in Heaven one day?
(Answers will vary.)
What are some things that we can do to be holy like the saints?
(Answers should include praying, loving and obeying God, and
loving one another, etc.)
Why do you think that God wants us to be in Heaven with him?
(Answers will vary.)
God wants each of us to be with him in Heaven so that we can
enjoy his gift of love and be happy forever.
There are lots of people who help us to Heaven.
Who do you think are some people who help us on our journey
to Heaven?
(Parents, teachers, priests, etc.)
How do our parents and teachers help us to reach Heaven?
(They teach us about God, pray with us, show us how to be good,
and tell us when we need to be better.)
God has a plan for each of us to be happy now on earth and to be
happy in Heaven one day.
Catholic ABC’s Activity
A is for Angels.
Color a picture of angels and saints in Heaven
Color a picture of angels and saints in Heaven. A black line master
for replication can be found in the appendix.
Optional Activity 2
Paper Cup Angels
For instructions on this activity, see page 14 of the Teacher’s Manual.
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 3
Does God have a plan for your life?
Where do we learn about God’s plan?
(In the Bible.)
Why do we need to follow God’s plan?
(So that we can be happy here on earth and one day with God
forever in Heaven.)
Angels are God’s helpers. They bring messages from God to people
on earth. They live with God in Heaven.
Let’s Pray
Let’s Live Our Faith
Reinforce with students how to fold their hands and bow their heads in
prayer. You may suggest that students turn to the artwork on page 4 of
the Student Text.
Our Holy Friends
All Saints in Heaven
Let’s look at the picture of the angels and saints in
Heaven again.
Dear God, thank you for creating me for happiness here on
earth and in Heaven. I will always try my best to choose to
love you and others so that I will be happy here and in Heaven
one day. Amen.
People in Heaven are called saints because they loved God while
on earth.
Chapter 1

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