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Treating the Bible with Reverence
The Bible is the holy Word of God, and we should always treat the Bible with the greatest respect. We should always make sure that we put the Bible in a
safe place, and it is good to put the Bible in a special place in our homes where we can see it and know that God’s Word is at the center of our family. When
we read the Bible, we read with great reverence, and it is even appropriate to kiss the Bible after we read it because God’s work is so holy and precious.
We always want to have great reverence for the Word of God in the Bible!
These stories are about people who loved God. This year we will
be learning about some of the beautiful stories in the Bible that
teach us about God’s love for us and how he will always take care
of us. The Bible is the most beautiful story of God’s love you will
ever read. It is beautiful because God’s love for us never fails! He
always loves us no matter what!
God tells us the story of his love and each of us is part of that story.
God wants us to be happy with him now in this life and in Heaven
one day. The Bible tells us the story of God’s love.
I Am Part of the Story of God’s Love
See page 5 of the Student Text.
Open your books to page 5. Here we read that the Bible is the
story of God’s love.
On the left side of the Bible, draw a large heart to show us that the
Bible is the story of God’s love.
On the right side of the Bible, draw a picture of yourself to show
that we are part of the story of God’s love.
Read from the Student Text: “I am part of the story of God’s love.”
Pass around a Bible
Instruct each student to treat it with reverence. You could even open
the Bible to this week’s memory verse and show the students that
they can read it in the Bible!
Let’s Live Our Faith
Stories From the Toy Closet
Stories from the Toy Closet (See the end of this lesson).
Review Chapter 1, Lesson 4
What is the book that tells us the story of God’s love?
(The Bible.)
Let’s Pray
Reinforce with the students how to fold their hands and bow their heads
in prayer.
Dear God, thank you for your love. I love you and I want to
know you better. Thank you for the blessing of my family
and my home. Thank you for the blessing of my teacher and
parents who teach me about your love. Amen.
Stories From the Toy Closet
Chapter 1
Small Print
Tell-Tale the Mouse was strolling along a path in the Kind Garden. She
wore a new red coat because it had been raining. She stopped and
looked down at the ground with a very thoughtful look on her face.
Stout the Pig shuffled up to Tell-Tale. He asked her, “Why do you look
so serious?”
Tell-Tale said, “Sometimes when the rain falls onto the ground,
it makes little lakes that some call puddles. And sometimes the
puddles have dirt in them and the rain makes little patches called
mud. I was wondering why the puddles aren’t called puds or the mud
isn’t called muddles.”
Stout nodded. But the truth was, Stout was really thinking about how
much he wanted to jump into the mud or the muddle or whatever it
should be called.
“What do you think?” asked Tell-Tale.
“I think I should look more closely,” Stout said and threw himself into
the water and mud.
A big splash of the wet brown dirt hit Tell-Tale’s new red coat and her
white furry legs. A splotch landed on the side of her nose.
“Oh no!” she cried out.
“I’m dirty now,” Tell-Tale said. Her nose twitched.
“You don’t look dirty to me,” said Stout as he rolled around. “Muddle
is a good word,” he said.
Tell-Tale didn’t care about that anymore. “I’m a mess,” she
complained. “How do I become un-messy?”
Who wrote the Bible?
Stout said, “You should ask Percy the Possum.”
Are we a part of that story?
Tell-Tale went to see Percy the Possum. Percy lived in the top of a
wooden shed nearby. He was very tidy about everything.
How should we care for the Bible?
(We should treat it with great reverence.)
Everyone knew Percy was very persnickety and un-messy about things.
Percy circled Tell-Tale as he looked her over. He made a lot of “tsk, tsk”
noises. Then he said, “You need to jump in a puddle and wiggle around.”
“Stout did that,” she explained. “That’s how I got messy.
Continued on page 12.
Chapter 1

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