LA Congress WOL 9x12 Sample Book - Page 25

Let’s Remember
Our Faith
This week we learned:
God is love. He created us out of love, and he made us to be in a
loving relationship with him.
created me out of lov
God is love, and he
Picture Match
Draw a line from eac
We can choose to love God and each other. Loving God and each
other makes us happy.
picture to its shado
God has a plan for us to be happy on earth and to be happy in
Heaven one day.
The Bible tells the story of God’s love for us. God wrote the Bible so
that we will know how much he loves us and that he wants take care
of us.
Color a picture of angels and saints in Heaven
Let’s Live Our Faith
Bible story.
r family to tell you a
Ask someone in you
Look at the picture on page 6 of your book. What do you see?
(God, a Bible, an angel, a saint, a heart, and Heaven.)
Let’s Pray
Dear God,
gif t of love.
Thank you for your
a part of the story
I am so happy
to love others.
of your love. Help me
Let’s Prepare Our Hearts
Say a Prayer Transition Song (Optional)
This song may be repeated until the students are settled and ready to pray.
Review bowing our heads and folding our hands in prayer. Read the
Opening Prayer on page 1 of the Student Text or pray using your
own words.
Dear God, you are good and loving. Help me to receive your
love. Help me to love you more each day. Help me to be kind
and loving to my family and friends. Amen.
Bible Verse Activity (Optional)
The Bible Fun! activity on page 3 of the Teacher’s Manual can be
repeated here.
Let’s Proclaim the Good News
Class, the truth we are learning is:
We were created by God to love and be loved.
Let’s Remember Our Faith
What have you learned this week?
(Encourage students to help each other and to build off each other’s
answers. Answers should include the below points. You can use these to
formulate review questions, or see reviews from the previous lesson.)
Very good! These are all things we have been learning about
this week. Now, draw a line matching each of the pictures with
its shadow.
Look at the pictures on page 6 of your books. What is your
favorite thing that you learned this week?
(Answers will vary. Encourage students to elaborate, going beyond
“I liked learning about God” to God’s gift of love, God wants me to
be happy in Heaven, etc.)
Optional Activity
“The Story of God’s Love” Booklet
For instructions on this activity, see page 14 of the Teacher’s Manual.
Let’s Live Our Faith
God loves us and gives us his love. We should share this love with
others and tell them how much God loves them.
Think of someone in your family or a special friend. Then think of some
kind things you can do for them that would show them God’s love. It is
fun to share God’s love!
The take-home page is located on pages 7–8 of the Student Text and
on the teacher and parent website. Please send that page home with
the students.
Let’s Pray
Bow your head and fold your hands.
Dear God, thank you for your gift of love. I am so happy to
be a part of the story of your love. Help me to love others.
Chapter 1

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