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Optional Activities
Optional Activity 1
Passing on God’s Love to Others Craft and Game
• A pattern for a heart found in the appendix of the Teacher’s Manual.
• Tape (masking tape may work best for this)
• Markers and other decorating materials
Make enough copies of the heart for each student. Ask the students
to cut out the hearts and decorate them.
Explain that it is very important to practice the virtue of love. God made
us to be in a loving friendship with him and each other. Loving God and
each other makes us happy. And every time we give our love to others
by our kindness we get love in return and that makes us so happy!
Explain different ways they can show love to the people around them,
for example, saying a kind word, being helpful, being generous, etc.
Break the class up into groups of two. Ask the students to put a piece
of tape at the top of their hearts. Now tell them to stick their hearts
onto their partner as they tell them something kind. This can go back
and forth a few times. You may have to give some examples of kind
things they can say to their friends.
Optional Activity 2
Paper Cup Angels
• A small white Styrofoam cup for each student
• Pattern for head and wings to be found in the appendix of the
Teacher’s Manual
• Markers or crayons
• Scissors
• Glue sticks
• Pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems) for the halo
The cup will form the angel’s body. Ask the students to color the
cups. Then have them decorate and cut out the head and wings from
the pattern. Turn the cup upside down. Glue the angel’s head to the
outer edge of the top of the cup. Then glue the wings to the sides of
the cup. The pipe cleaner will form a halo. Bend one end of the pipe
cleaner into a small circle, which will go above the angel’s head. Poke
the other end of the pipe cleaner into the cup behind the head of the
angel. Bend the circle over the angel’s head. (The students may need
help with this part.)
While the students are busy, remind them of the picture of the dancing
angels by Fra Angelico. Tell them that God’s loving plan for us is to
one day share in the angel’s joy in Heaven.
If time allows, play some music and let the students dance around
with their angels. Or you could serve snacks and have a heavenly
party! Stress the joy that awaits them in Heaven!
14 Unit 1
The Story of God’s Love Booklet
This year we will create a booklet called “The Story of God’s Love.”
For each chapter you will color or decorate a page with a symbol that
will tell the story.
• Blackline master of the symbol of a child in a heart found in the
appendix of the Teacher’s Manual.
This week the symbol will be a child in a heart. Underneath the
prayer will be the words “God loves me, and I love God.”
After the students complete their pictures, make sure their names
are on their pictures. Keep the pictures in a special place so they
can be put together at the end of the year.

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