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Leaking dishwashers are another
commonly reported problem. Many
times the leak is the result of the
wrong detergent being used. Please
do not use liquid dishwashing detergent or laundry detergent in the
dishwashers. Use a detergent made
specifically for dishwashers. If you
have mistakenly used the wrong kind
of detergent and the dishwasher is
leaking as a result, run it through at
least one cycle to clear the detergent from the washer. If that does not
solve the problem, contact our office.
Many heating and air conditioning
problems can be solved by doing
the following: Check that the system
switch is set to “cool/heat” or “auto”.
Then confirm that the system is set to
the desired temperature. We prefer
you keep the A/C set at 72 degrees
or higher and the heat at 72 degrees
or lower. Confirm that the fan switch is
set in the “auto” position. If these steps
do not eliminate the problem, please
contact our office. Also, keep the
blinds closed during the day to keep
the home/villa cooler in the hot summer months. These systems, through
manufacturing design, are only capable of a 20-degree differential in the
inside and outside temperatures.
For homes, there is an additional fee
to heat the pools and spas. Contact
us at 800-671-5155 to find out costs
and make arrangements.
Please note fireplaces are decorative
and not available for guest use.
General Rules and Information for Villas
These rules of conduct have been established for the peace and enjoyment
of the property by all residents and guests. Your adherence to them is greatly
Do not hang towels, bathing suits, rugs or similar objects, etc. from any porches, railings or windows.
Residents and guests shall exercise extreme care to avoid unnecessary noise
or the use of musical instruments, radios, televisions and amplifiers that may
disturb other residents.

Trash must be properly bagged and disposed of in the trash chute or service
area of each villa and home.

Pets are restricted to property owners only at all villa complexes.
Skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, etc. is strictly prohibited in the parking
areas, garage areas, common hallways, stairways or pool area. Trailers, motor
homes, etc. may not be kept on property. Vehicles should display parking
passes at all times.

Items shall not be stored in the common areas. Bicycles are not permitted
in common hallways or stairwells. Bicycle racks have been provided at all villa
complexes for your use. They can usually be found in the parking garages
(where applicable).

Luggage carts shall be returned to the garage level after use. Please
respect the need for this convenience and do not hold them longer than

Use of charcoal/gas grills is strictly prohibited on decks or balconies. Such
use is a violation of local fire ordinances and a hazard to all residents.

Pool: Toys, oats or balls of any kind are not permitted in complex or community pools or hot tubs. In all pools, an adult must accompany children under
12. No diapers allowed in pools. Children pool “swimmies” must be used at all
times. Soap of any kind is not permitted in the pools or hot tub. Parents are
responsible for the actions of their children. Only radios equipped with individual earphones are permitted. Pool and hot tub rules are posted poolside.

Fireworks are prohibited on Hilton Head Island (Ordinance #17-5-111).

Quiet hours must be observed 11pm–7am.
Checking Out
Check-out time is 10 am
If you will be departing earlier,
please let us know by calling
800-671-5155 option 3 or
simply enter 123456* on your
front door as you leave.
This is very helpful for housekeeping as they prepare for
the next arrival.
Before leaving, please be sure to:
Lock all doors and windows.
Load and start the dishwasher.
Please place any used beach
towels in the bag provided.
Remove all garbage and place
in the appropriate receptacle.
Return any moved furniture
back to its original position.
Take a moment to complete our
guest survey.
Leave all keys and guest passes
on kitchen counter. If your door
must be locked from the outside,
just place one key under the
Leave pool keys and passes in
the appropriate holder on counter.
There is a charge for lost or unreturned pool keys or passes.
Enter 123456* into the door lock.


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