2019 Breckinridge Sustainability Report - Page 17

We believe it is our responsibility to extend our sustainability
efforts beyond our business to the communities and
environment in which we live and work. By giving back, we
aim to accelerate change and help create a more sustainable
future for all. We also want to send the important message
that we believe it is vital for the private sector to take part in
tackling tough social and environmental issues.
As a firm, we are committed to donating 1 percent of our
gross receipts. We also prioritize volunteerism, which we
believe deepens the very meaning of giving back and fosters
team building. As of December 2018, we have cumulatively
contributed over $2.5 million in monetary donations (since
2003) and over 3,000 volunteer hours (since 2012).
To help ensure that we give back in a focused and meaningful
way, we facilitate our community outreach efforts through our
Ambassador Program. With an aim to deepen connection and
drive greater impact, our Ambassador Program focuses on a
select group of charitable organizations that we’ve identified
as addressing the pressing issues most important to us.
Our Ambassador Program aims to establish formal, ongoing
dialogue between our firm and our selected organizations
by appointing up to three Breckinridge ambassadors to each
relationship. As ambassadors, our employees are tasked
with becoming fluent in our selected organizations as well as
engaging with them regularly.
By gaining a deeper understanding of each of our selected
organizations, we hope to build strong, sustainable
relationships and develop charitable and volunteer
programming that best fits their needs. Equally, by
encouraging active participation by the ambassadors, we
hope that our efforts energize our employees and enrich our
sense of community.
We continue to be encouraged by the progress of our
Ambassador Program. In 2018, our efforts ranged from
helping advance coastal climate change research to providing
personalized support to disadvantaged youth. In addition, in
2018 we launched a new Ambassador Program in the area
of Community Initiatives. Through this initiative, we aim to
leverage our internal credit-related knowledge and expertise
to guide struggling local communities toward improved social
and economic well-being. Further examples of our 2018
contributions are highlighted on the following pages.


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