2019 Breckinridge Sustainability Report - Page 7

As benefit director of Breckinridge, I am pleased to report that the company
continues to deepen its intention to integrate sustainability, not only in its
investment activity but also in its internal management and external outreach.
In 2018, Breckinridge continued to prioritize its sustainability efforts through
the firm’s Materiality Map, adopted in 2017. By applying this map outwardly and
inwardly, Breckinridge strives to conduct itself with consistency and integrity.
Anne Stetson
Benefit Director
Independent Board Member
Through the theme “driven by intention,” Breckinridge means to underscore
that it approaches sustainability with great thought and care and that it directs
its actions toward material, measurable, intentional outcomes targeting a more
sustainable future for all—investors, employees, bondholders and communities.
Such a future will only be rendered with intentionality, not by happenstance.
The report that follows describes this approach in detail, as well as how
Breckinridge works to implement it.
The deliberateness with which Breckinridge incorporates sustainability
informs all levels of the firm and is applied across three broad vectors: through
corporate stewardship, community outreach and investing. Breckinridge’s board
of directors and senior leadership pay close attention to sustainability across all
three vectors, and the company’s Sustainability Committee
maintains a learning culture that fosters constant
Breckinridge means to underscore that it approaches
innovation and improvement, especially in corporate
sustainability and outreach.
sustainability with great thought and care, and that it
Looking forward, the Sustainability Committee continues
to seek ways to deepen the firm’s commitment to
sustainability. It does so through ongoing refinement of
the company’s Materiality Map as new data and objectives
become available. As the poet/businessman Wallace Stevens might say, it
is “hot” within the people at Breckinridge to always improve and refine—a
hallmark of creativity and excellence.3
directs its actions toward intentional outcomes.
In summary, I am pleased to report that, in the opinion of the board, the
company has acted well in accordance with its general benefit purpose in all
material respects during 2018, and that the directors and officers have complied
with the duties of their respective positions in considering the impact of board
and management decisions on the array of Breckinridge’s stakeholders.4
Anne Stetson
From “Poems of Our Climate” (1942).
Reference is made specifically to Massachusetts General Laws Chap. 156E, subsection 10(a) and 12(a).


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