2019 Breckinridge Sustainability Report - Page 9

At Breckinridge, sustainability is an integral part of our
business and investment approach. We are committed to
operating in ways that advance the sustainability of our
firm, stakeholders, environment and communities. Equally,
as a fixed income investment manager, we believe it is our
obligation to lead and encourage a shift in focus within the
investment community from short-term performance to longterm investing. We are deliberate in embedding sustainability
into our purpose. In one word, we are intentional in our
sustainability efforts.
With a focus on investment grade fixed income, we have
high standards for the bond issuers we invest in. We believe
that issues such as human capital management, resource
management, workplace safety and board independence can
have a long-term, material impact on financial performance.
Therefore, as we seek to provide the best possible
investments for our clients, we think it is imperative to look at
ourselves in the same light. As such, we prioritize corporate
citizenship, employee health and well-being, minimizing our
environmental impact and giving back to our communities.
Some of our firm’s biggest milestones have been borne out
of this mindset. In addition to being a U.N. PRI Signatory
and a first mover in integrating ESG in fixed income,
Breckinridge is chartered as a Benefit Corporation and
is a B Corp. These designations have further cemented
our sustainability commitment by formally adhering us to
rigorous social and environmental standards. Moreover,
being a Benefit Corporation legally protects our decision to
operate sustainably.
Breckinridge’s commitment to sustainability is also embedded
in our governance structure. In addition to our board and
executive management team prioritizing sustainability, we
also have a formally-appointed independent benefit director,
a sustainability director and a Sustainability Committee
composed of employees across the firm. With input from
the top down, our Sustainability Committee is tasked with
continuously defining the material sustainability issues we
face and finding creative ways to address them.
At bottom, sustainability at Breckinridge is about making
true change. We aim to embody sustainability in impactful
and deliberate ways, and we are committed to continuously
advancing our progress. Each year, we look forward to
reporting on our advancements in our Corporate Sustainability
Report. We hope that in doing so, we can illustrate just how
meaningful our intentions are.


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