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Facial Treatments - Signature Facials
Colorado Laser Spa Signature Custom Facial - $125
This luxurious and relaxing treatment will deep clean the skin, exfoliate and leave you feeling refreshed
and rejuvenated. Our signature facial starts with a Sonic Cleanse to remove dirt and debris from the
pores, The Enzymatic Masque with Steam will gently dissolve away the dead skin and open the pores
to prepare for extractions. During this masque we treat you with a head massage to induce a sense of
calm and relaxation. Post masque we deep clean the pores with extractions and then move you
deeper into relaxation with a dreamy face, neck and decolletage massage to stimulate the lymph and
get the blood flowing. We then apply a customised cocktail of serums and penetrate them with a
nourishing masque, while you enjoy a lovely hand and arm massage. To finalise the treatment we end
with an ultra hydrating moisturiser, sunscreen, and neck and lip treatment.
Teen Facial - $65
Our teen facial is perfect for teens struggling with acne and a great way to introduce them to the
importance of a good skin regimen. It includes a Sonic Cleanse, Enzymatic Mask with Steam and
relaxing head massage, Extractions if needed and a custom cocktail of acne fighting serums,
moisturizer and sunscreen.
Microdermabrasion is the perfect solution for anyone who desires a refreshed, healthy complexion
with no downtime. Routine treatment can assist in reversing the effects of sun damage, environmental
exposure, non-inflammatory acne, and aging. Coupled with our physician and professional-grade skin
care products, your skin will be healthier and project a more youthful, radiant appearance.
Face and Neck: $85.00
Neck and Décolletage: $85
Face, Neck and Décolletage: $145
Hands and Arms: $100

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