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The Power of Oxygen
Oxygen offers numerous benefits when it comes to establishing a healthy, radiant complexion. The use
of oxygen brings clarity to troubled skin, purifies clogged pores, supports collagen production and
brightens dull skin. The trained aestheticians at Colorado Laser Spa can provide you with an
oxygenating O2 Lift Peel to deliver an instant, visible boost to your skin
O2 Lift™ - $125
(Low-Level Peel for Booking Purposes)
If you’re looking to invigorate your skin and give it a gorgeous
glow everyone will notice, this peel is for you! This luxurious
skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells,
peptides, and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into
your skin, leaving it luminous, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
The O2 Lift Peel is Image Skin Care’s signature, results-driven
treatment which combines vitamin C, hydroxy acids, and
enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. Stem cells are
combined with brightening, protective, detoxifying, and
energizing complexes. You’ll notice results in a single session
with this specialized peel.
Gentle Enzymatic Exfoliation
Enzymatic Peels to gently exfoliate your skin with the power of fruit-based enzymes that dissolve the
dead cells from your skin’s surface, supports skin cell renewal, and softens your skin texture with
minimal irritation. This is an ideal peel for all skin types, especially for those with dry skin or sensitive
skin. Our professional enzyme peel delivers powerful skin rejuvenation and visible results with just one
Signature Facelift™ Peel- $125
(Low-Level Peel for Booking Purposes)
Vitamin C and fruit enzymes are blended in an
organic Aloe Vera base to visibly reduce the
redness of skin and brighten it. Hyaluronic Acid
(HA) provides superior hydration for dehydrated
and dry skin. Skin indications for this peel include:
Redness-Prone Skin
Dry or Dehydrated Skin
Smoker’s Skin
Tired and/or Dull Skin
Oily or Acne-Prone Skin
Ormedic Lift™ Peel- $125
(Low-Level Peel for Booking Purposes)
Organic ingredients make this peel healthy while
providing medical-strength effectiveness. The
Ormedic Lift™ Peel rebalances, regenerates, and
restores skin while comfrey stem cells boost
cellular turnover in your skin, leaving it renewed
and beautiful. Skin indications for this peel
Unbalanced Skin
Irritated Skin
Sensitive Skin

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