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How the Crow got its wings
The idea for the Crow Tarot began its life as a private creative project
after I received a tarot deck as a birthday present in August 2017.
For months leading up to my birthday, I faced a reality that left me at
times paralyzed by fear, at times in denial, and for a good deal of time
angry at how cruel life could be. I was a full-time artist and mother of a
little girl who depended on me, and with little in the way of income
coming in, I was facing a potentially devastating financial situation.
For years, I have known that within the 78 cards of the tarot, there is
wisdom, as well as guidance, for those who ask. However, as thoughtful
as the gift and as beautiful as the deck was, what I actually received
was much bigger than a tool for sorting out my problems — it was a
much-needed spark of inspiration.
Although, today, the Crow Tarot is sold throughout the world, when I
set out to create the deck, it was initially for my own personal use as a
means to learn tarot with the help of a creature with whom I feel a
profound trusted connection. For years, crows have been my muse
and have played an essential role in my artwork. Because of this, I
knew they would serve as the perfect energy to channel guidance.
When it became clear that other people were interested in my work
and the Crow Tarot, it rekindled my passion as an artist and a creator.
I began to feel hope again, and with the enthusiasm of the Page of
Wands and the naivety of The Fool combined, the Crow started to fly.

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