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As a result of creating the Crow
Tarot, what I thought I knew and
what I learned to know turned out
to be two very contradictory
things. What I had known of
myself in the past was only the
surface level junk, the obvious
stuff. Creating the Crow Tarot
forced me to face my shadows and
the beliefs that ran deep, causing
patterns of stagnation in my life.
The tarot isn't going to predict
whether or not your partner is
going to cheat on you or whether
or not you will lose your job.
However, it is going to reveal to you—if you let it—the patterns in your
life that lead you to attract situations that seem to repeat.
The question is: Will you listen?
In the end, the Crow Tarot proved to be nothing short of a miracle, a
divinely guided miracle. The 78 cards of the Crow Tarot came together
out of love and a determination to learn.
The several-month-long creation process revealed quite a bit about
what made me tick and where the shadows of the past dimmed my
inner light. By the end, I discovered how to let the energy surface
without fear and how to use it to my advantage, and that is what I
want this guidebook to do for you.

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