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The Crow as a Storyteller
From the moment humans could string together sounds that conveyed
meanings, myths have been used as a teaching tool. We use stories to
teach our children how to be good stewards of the planet, to face fears
and the monsters in the closet, and the importance of kindness and
courage during times of adversity. The tarot makes for the perfect tool
for constructing stories that teach. The cards contain acts of nobility,
wise leaders, and destruction and chaos as well as karmic love and
victorious celebrations. You will find sharp truths, reasons for joy, and
at times darkness. With any good story, the tale the cards weave will
have you looking at your own actions, your own feelings and, whether
you wish to see it or not, your own darkness. When the cards come
together and click—when we recognize the story that is spread out in
front of us as our own—that is when the transformation occurs. That is
when I believe the connection with our higher-self is achieved and the
real magic begins.

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