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Color Symbolism
You will find the color red throughout the Crow Tarot. From the infinity
symbol to the poppies, I chose this color because it symbolizes strength and
passion as well as danger, conflict, and power.
Pink / Magenta
The color pink represents calm, warmth, love, acceptance, and the feeling of
security. You will find various shades of this color throughout this deck from
lotus flowers to the warm sky of the Seven of Pentacles
The color of the bright, warm sun—orange demands attention!  It represents
an energy that is flamboyant and enthusiastic. This color can also represent
health, change, and balance. Although mostly positive, you will find this color
represents decay due to neglect in the form of rust on the Ten of Swords.
Yellow / Gold
Although yellow has many meanings including cowardice, I chose to use the
color to represent happiness and joy in the Crow Tarot. The color of fresh
spring flowers and summer days, shades of yellow help conjure up an energy
of comfort and bliss.
Green / Patina Green
You will find various shades of green throughout the Crow Tarot. Aside from
being my favorite color, green represents completion and abundance. It is the
signal to "go" and is often associated with good luck. What's not love about the
color green? Of course, it can also represent greed and envy; however, in the
Crow Tarot, green was mostly used to signify personal development and
The color blue can represent a sharp mind with a clear vision, aloofness or
coolness, for example, the Queen and King of Swords. Blue also represents
loyalty, status (blue blood) and dependability. For the Nine of Swords, the
color blue is associated with depression and over-analyzing a situation.
Purple evokes mystery and magical forces—it is a color that represents the
subconscious mind and creativity. For centuries purple has also been
associated with royalty and nobility. In the Crow Tarot, the color purple
appears in the form of feathers that decorate the King of Swords' throne as
well as the swirl around the High Priestess's eye.

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