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Connecting With Your Crow
Each time you sit down with the Crow Tarot think of it like meeting
with a trusted advisor or an honest friend who has your back and
wants nothing but the best for you—but will still tell you like it is. When
you approach your reading as if it was a meeting, one where time is
respected, valued, and appreciated, you will get far more out of the
experience. The crows in the Crow Tarot are incredibly clever and will
know when you are serious and when you are just using them for
validation. Ardent problem solvers and task-oriented, crows
relentlessly peck away at a challenge until they are satisfied. This
makes them the perfect liaison for carrying messages between the
spiritual and material realms. If a message is ignored, you will quickly
discover that they have a talent for being persistent. You will find that
the Crow Tarot will hold you accountable for receiving messages as the
cards will often repeat—regardless of the amount of shuffling,
spreading them out all over the floor, mixing them up, and pulling
them back together—all in an attempt to get a different outcome. 
Calibrating your deck will help you better communicate with your
crows —as the crows in your deck are yours and yours alone.  The goal is
to teach your crows how to pick up on and read your specific energy.
Before you start working with the deck, hold each card and think
about the emotions that surface. To reinforce or set the energy, you
may find it helpful to jot down keywords or phrases that come to mind
when holding the card. The more you work with the deck you will
teach your crows how to better communicate with you. Over time the
relationship you build with your crows will become reliable, honest,
and intimate. To help with this exercise, you will find space to write
down your specific keywords at the back of this book.
Please keep in mind, in this deck, and in life, crows remember how you
treat them; when kindness and respect are offered, they return the favor
and deliver treasures.

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