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The twenty-two trump cards of the
Major Arcana represent the various
archetypal energies that reside within
each of us. It is this underlying and
influential energy that often goes
unacknowledged, yet at the same time,
performs an essential role in how we
respond to situations as we travel
along the journey of life.
We begin our trip through the Tarot, as
the Fool, childlike, free, and full of
optimism. To the Fool, the world offers
boundless opportunities that feed our
desire for spontaneity, entertainment, and
adventure. For the Fool it is not about the
final destination; instead, the purpose of
the journey lies in the experiences and
possibilities for gratification. When we
encounter the Magician, that is when we
take control, no longer content with going
with the flow, we accept accountability for
the outcome. It is through the Magician
that we learn how to pull together
resources that will create an aspired
transformation. It is here that we
recognize our power and the magic we
hold within.
The High Priestess moves between the material and spiritual realms.
When she appears, she comes as an advisor and serves as a connection
to our higher self or sub-conscious mind. It is the voice of the Higher
Priestess that signals when and when not to act.
The Empress enters at a time when our journey would benefit from
the nurturing and generous energy of a mother. To ensure that
advancement continues and our trip proceeds with integrity and a
clear vision, the Emperor arrives as a respected leader.

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