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The energy of the Emperor complements
the loving, motherly Empress, and the
Emperor serves as a traditional fatherfigure who restores order during times of
chaos and creates the feeling of security.
When our tour reaches the Hierophant,
that is when we seek to understand our
cultural heritage; it is in our search for
belonging when we find the wise soul
who serves as a teacher and spiritual
As we mature and our individual beliefs
develop, we reach the Lovers who
propose an opportunity for two opposing
forces to come together to establish a
karmic bond. It is when our values
become part of our identity that we sense
the confident and charging energy of the
Chariot. During this leg of the journey, we
discover the advantage of control and
discipline as we learn how to direct our
impulses and emotions with precision.
The Chariot delivers us to Strength.
Understanding our motivations and
feelings, Strength teaches us how to apply
this knowledge when working with
others who may bring conflict. Strength
shows us the power of patience and of
developing a soft touch to reach a desired
outcome. It is at this point in our journey
through life that we learn about grace
and our inner strength.
When we enter the deep dark woods, that is, when we encounter the
Hermit, we go inward and experience introspection. This is when we
meet a mentor and a guiding light. It is the wisdom we attain during
this time that will someday light the way for others.

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