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The Wheel of Fortune marks the halfway point of the Fool's journey,
and it is here that we begin to understand our destiny, our place in
this world, and the power of good luck. The Wheel of Fortune also
serves as a reminder that the course is not direct; instead, it twists and
turns to offer moments that are smooth and easy, and at other points,
it is steep and riddled with impediments. In time, we will inescapably
encounter both.
With growth and wisdom comes a
greater awareness of our responsibility
as Justice brings to our journey a
willingness to hold ourselves
accountable for our deeds. Despite the
knowledge gained and the strength
achieved, we encounter forces that are
beyond our control and that hold us
back and stall our progress. Here, we
must face the Hanged Man who pushes
us to see our situation from a new
The time comes to
confront the inevitable
when Death appears along
the trail; we must accept
the demise of something so
that we can continue
progressing, as fate is not
done with us just yet. It is
not long after we
encounter Death that
Temperance emerges,
bringing moderation and
an urge to find balance as a
means of relieving or
soothing a problematic

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