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Every journey that grants an opportunity for growth and learning
includes an interaction with the Devil. It is the energy of the Devil that
teaches us that not all beasts appear as they are: some arrive in masks.
It is the Devil that causes us to feel comfortable to the point of laziness
and removes pain until we become numb to all the sensations of life. It
is the Devil that will have us placing ourselves in bondage. The Tower
follows the Devil on our mission, and its purpose is to generate havoc.
The disturbance caused by the Tower is one that we can't ignore, as it
uproots us and causes distress that rattles the bones. When the dust
settles, it is the divine light of the Star that elevates us up and out of
the rubble. The Star bears the gifts of inspiration and the promise of a
better tomorrow.
When our trip seems to be going
smoothly, and we see the sky as
cloudless, that is when our journey
takes us to the Moon. The light of the
Moon reflects our anxieties and
illusions; it reveals the shadow self that
we try to suppress. The Moon
encourages us to remove the mask that
conceals our inner nature, and not only
confront our true self, but also to allow
our shadow moments with freedom.

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