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We awake to a rising Sun that revitalizes
the soul with its radiating warmth and
comforting glow. It is in the brilliant light
of the Sun that we dare to stand center
stage, allowing ourselves to be seen.
As the journey enters its final leg, we
must face Judgment. It is during this
encounter that we are called to reflect
upon our lives, to honor our history as
a whole story, a complete account
compiled of the good, the bad, and yes, the times we wish we could do
over. Combining our experiences create a comprehensive picture of
who we are, not solely as a human being, but as a spiritual being. To
advance, we must accept ourselves as a whole and take responsibility
for who we have become.
Our trip concludes with the World,
and much like the end of a delicious
several course meal, the feeling we
experience at this point in our
journey is one of being completely
satiated. For now, life is pleasant,
and there is a feeling of ease in the
air, but rest up as you bask in this
moment of success, because with
every ending, there will be a

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