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The Fool
t: Air
The fledgling hopped along the edge of the
riverbank where it spotted a log floating
along in the water. Mesmerized, the crow
watched as the wood gently bobbed up and
down, dodging rocks and fallen trees. What
an adventure thought the young bird and
without much consideration, the crow lifted
its body into the air and landed firmly on the
log. As the crow rode down the river, it
watched the passing landscape with wonder
and delight. Although it was eager to see
what would eventually be revealed it did not
take to the air for a peek; instead it remained
patient knowing that the log and river
would provide an enchanting story with
perfect timing.
General Message
The Fool speaks of innocence and possessing a child-like spirit. The
message this card offers is one of letting go of expectations and the
need to judge or over-analyze a situation with a critical eye or our
jaded adult-eye.  The Fool asks that you be open to new experiences
and resist the need to control. When the Fool is present have faith that
the Universe will offer an adventure worth pursuing.
Trusting, having faith in the unknown, living in the moment, being spontaneous
Reckless, acting without considering others, wasting time on frivolous pursuits

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