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The Log: Buoyancy, unsinkable, optimism
The Wind: Warning, other people's fears or concerns
Trees: Feeling grounded, balanced root chakra, an opportunity for
Lotus Flowers: Pure heart, divine intervention
Fern Leaf: Inner-strength
Past Position
The Fool may represent a time spent following a pipe dream or
putting your faith in something or someone without considering the
consequences. The Fool may also serve as the foundation for a
divinely guided situation.
Is your current situation one that benefited from a leap of blind faith
or do you look back to see only time spent goofing off?
Present Position
In the Present position, with the energy of the Fool swirling around
you may feel more inclined to agree to a blind date, a last minute road
trip, or apply for a job that you would have once considered a long
Could your current situation benefit from having faith? Are you able
to let go of the need to take control and enjoy the journey of life?
Advice Position
The Fool advises you to take chances and allow for inspiration to be
your guide. Although the Fool asks that you have faith in the process,
in this position it cautions against being complacent.
Are you going with the flow or are you avoiding responsibilities?

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