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The Magician
t: Air
The crow extended its large black wings as it
gracefully lifted into the air. It took a deep
breath and summoned the creative energy
that circulated through its veins. The bird then
stretched its neck and tilted its beak, just so,
and with a flash, the crow connected with the
electricity that thundered above in the clouds.
Streams of energy fluttered through the
crow's body as the elements for manifesting
fused together. The bird could suddenly sense
what it desired. In its mind's eye, it could see
every detail. The bird, using all of its senses,
could smell and hear it as if it was within
reach. The crow knew for sure that what it
desired was no longer a mere thought—no it
was out there—and it was close. The crow's
final act was to reach out and take it.
General Message
When the energy of the magician comes forward, the appeal is for you
to commit to taking action. The message this card offers is for you to
use your creative mind so that you can imagine with complete clarity
the thing that you yearn to hold. When you can recognize and
understand your desire, you will know the resources to cultivate.
When intention and action blend, that is when you have the force to
draw down source energy—the final element to manifest your goal.
Focused, creative, committed to a plan, action oriented
Lazy, scattered-brained, unable to find clarity, moving in too many directions without
achieving anything

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