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Mountains: Obstacles, barriers between you and a goal
Crow Rising: Finding clarity
Lightning Bolt: Divine or source energy  
Golden Hues/Light: A new day, a fresh start, opulence, manifesting
Wand, Pentacle, Sword, Cup: Pulling together all available resources
(creativity, passion, vision, and material)
White Roses: Spirituality, true love. purity
Red Poppies: Strength
Past Position
The Magician in the past position indicates that your focused attention
manifested an outcome. You may or may not have consciously set out
to create or bring something into your life; however, everything lined
up just so, and today this event serves as a piece of the foundation for
your situation.
Can you remember a time when something you thought about or
obsessed over seemed to magically manifest?
Present Position
In the Present position, the Magician is calling out for immediate
action. The process of manifesting something you desire has begun.
Now it is time to finish what you started by believing that it is already
yours. The Magician asks that you gather your resources, summon the
magic within and create.
Can you see your dream or your goal with complete clarity? What does
it look like? What feelings are connected to achieving this goal?  
Advice Position
In the advice position, the Magician asks that you be open and allow
yourself some room for creative thinking when new opportunities
present themselves as this will help you understand the potential.
When you use your creative mind to see beyond the surface, you may
uncover a hidden gem that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
Are you able to trust your intuition? Can you imagine the possibilities?

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