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The Origins of Modern Merchant Banking
We employ around
And today...
spread across
We make loans, trade securities and provide
financial advice and investment management.
Our clients are still the makers of things, the wealth
creators, the investors and the savers. Our role is to
help them as they grow – providing financial support
and advice to help small businesses and individuals
across the UK.
Throughout our history, we have focused on delivering
the highest levels of service and integrity. At the same
time, we encourage innovation and support enterprise,
reflecting how our clients do business. Through all
market conditions, we remain focused on providing
straightforward products and services, maintaining a
prudent approach and strong financial position, and
building relationships that stand the test of time.
We call it Modern Merchant Banking.
Preben Prebensen
Chief Executive
52 offices
throughout the UK, Ireland
and Germany.
We are a
FTSE 250
company with a market
capitalisation of
£2.4 billion.
Our loan book is now valued at
£7.3 billion.
We support over
45,000 SMEs
and over 2.3 million individuals.
We are a
company with a portfolio
of businesses, covering
a wide range of markets
and industries.
Our Assets Under
Management exceed
£10 billion
and we have over
£12 billion
Total Client Assets.
We have
strong credit
ratings. The Bank is
rated Aa3 and A
by Moody’s and Fitch respectively
– ensuring that we are one of the
highest rated banks in the UK.
All information correct as of 25 September 2018

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