2019 Endless Pools Fitness Systems Brochure - Page 13

The Original Endless Pools Swim Machine
Not all swim currents are created equal. For over thirty years,
swimmers of every skill level – from Olympic athletes to
weekend warriors – have chosen Endless Pools. Swimming
comfortably, with clear visibility and without heavy force
can only be achieved through precise engineering paired
with a passion for swimming. These qualities continue to
set us apart, even after all these years.
At Endless Pools, it’s simply not good enough to create
a forceful flow of water. The easiest way to achieve force
is by adding air, but that also creates heavy turbulence.
Endless Pools has engineered our swim machine to provide
variable resistance, with no turbulence. The laminar flow
encapsulates you rather than pushes you. The water is
conditioned to remove all air, yet even at full speed (5000
gallons per minute) the stream is smooth and gentle.
Underwater Treadmill
Running on land puts heavy impact on our body’s joints
and muscles. Achieving the benefits of this excellent cardio
exercise without pain can be achieved when in water.
The buoyancy of water reduces our body weight by up
to 90 percent. This removes a vast majority of the pressure
that causes pain, while still providing a great workout.
In an Endless Pools Fitness System, the hydraulically run
underwater treadmill (the only one of its kind) can be
paired with the Swim Machine current to add resistance
and take your workout to a whole new level. With the flow
of the swim current against core muscles, the resistance is
increased for a more challenging, full-body workout, all
the while protecting joints and muscles.
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