2019 Endless Pools Fitness Systems Brochure - Page 14

Endless Pools Fitness Systems
1.Endless Pools® Swim Machine
The Endless Pools Swim Machine is a hydraulicallypowered machine that produces a laminar current
wider than your body and deeper than your
stroke. The multiple conditioning grills smooth
and redirect water, resulting in a turbulence-free
swim. The current pace is variable between
3:43/100 yards and 1:08/100 yards, remaining
smooth even at full power.
5.14-Gauge Steel Frame and ABS Base Pan
Built on a 14-gauge steel frame and ABS base
pan, this is one of the most durable and reliable
systems available. This standard feature provides
superior support and protection from unreliable
ground surfaces.
6.Shell Design
The seamless acrylic shell has a modern style
that flows gracefully from end to end. Available
in Ice Gray and Alpine White, the shell is
designed for durability and lasting beauty.
2.Underwater Treadmill
The underwater treadmill is a great addition for
low-impact run or walk options, without harsh
joint and muscle pressure. For a more
challenging workout, turn on the swim current to
increase resistance against core, leg, and upper
body muscle groups. The pace is variable
between 0.5 to 5.5 MPH.
3.Hydromassage Jets
Distinctive hydromassage jets are perfectly
positioned to target all areas of the back and
legs, for an ideal cool down.
4.Bluetooth-Enabled Sound System (optional)
Integrated 8-speaker sound system, compatible
with any Bluetooth® -enabled device.
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