2019 Endless Pools Fitness Systems Brochure - Page 19

Exercise that fits your life.
With SwimCross® Exercise Systems, convenience and
versatility are abound so that staying active and
maintaining a busy schedule are not mutually exclusive.
Never again ask “how will I fit a workout into my day,”
with a SwimCross Exercise System just steps from your door.
SwimCross Exercise Systems Swim Jets
Simply put, the SwimCross Exercise Systems swim jets
produce a better swim current than the average ‘swim spa.’
Five jets – three two-speed top jets, and two one-speed
bottom jets – are positioned ideally so that the bottom jets
provide lift while the top jets produce resistance. The
resistance is far less turbulent than competitor swim jets,
thanks to a process known as ‘boost effect.’ This method
of producing resistance draws in more water, rather than
air, which results in a smoother flow. Instead of producing
an uncomfortable force that pushes against your head
and shoulders (common with other swim jets), you feel
a steady resistance for a more enjoyable swim.
Versatile Exercise Features
Exercising in water has proven to be beneficial in so many
ways. Water’s natural buoyancy protects muscles and
joints while providing 360 degrees of resistance.
SwimCross Exercise Systems were expertly designed to
combine water’s beneficial tendencies with built-in and
optional exercise features for a well-balanced, full-body
workout – right at home.
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