GAIA Zero Waste MasterPlan - Page 89

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) 89

Guarantee equitable access to all resources.

Shift decision-making power to communities,
particularly those most impacted by injustice.

Create jobs for workers that pay familysustaining wages and benefits.

Guarantee occupational safety and health
at recycling sorting operations, compost
facilities, collections, and throughout the
local waste system.

Generate cultural changes towards
sustainability and respect for resources.

Ensure that interventions in one community
do not harm a community somewhere else.

Understand current patterns of consumption
and disposal as part of a larger extractive
supply chain.

Engage communities in a way that meets
them where they are, physically and in
terms of background knowledge on waste,
sustainability, and city planning.

Make accommodations for disability and

Hold polluters - particularly those who cause
disproportionate harm - accountable for
course-correcting their actions.

Embody values of shared responsibility,
justice, and sustainability.
©Breathe Free Detroit
Zero waste is far more
than just a means
towards environmental
goals, but rather, a
holistic tool of social
intervention towards
well-being for all.
This chapter examines the role of zero waste in
building a just transition and outlines actions
that municipalities can take in ensuring their
transition to zero waste is grounded in justice.


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