Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 10

Display Vehicle Keys
The Columbus Fire Department requires that keys belonging to all approved display vehicles located inside the facility
must be housed onsite with either the General Service Contractor or GCCC Public Safety staff with 24/7 access in case of
Vehicle keys provided to the GCCC at the time of display inspection and stored in a secured location until time of move
out. Vehicle owners must provide an emergency contact phone number for each vehicle. Vehicles required for exhibit set
up/event program must immediately be removed from the facility upon completion of event program/tear down. If
emergency personnel require the movement of a vehicle using specialized equipment, additional charges will be billed to
the Licensee.
Elevators / Escalators
The elevators and escalators in our facility are controlled and monitored by building personnel. We maintain the right to
restrict access to these areas at any time. Passenger elevators cannot be blocked at any time. All equipment, freight, and
deliveries must be transported on our three service elevators. Please observe the posted load capacities.
Exclusive Services
Please refer to Section 1 for the list of Exclusive Services providers in our facility.
Identification Badges
All GCCC staff and business partners wear photo identification badges. We require your staff, attendees and employees of
service contractors to wear credentials at all times.
Insurance, Liability and Damages
A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required 30 days before your contracted move-in date. The certificate must list the
GCCC, SMG, and the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority as additionally insured parties. If you do not provide
event insurance two weeks prior to your event, General and Excess Liability coverage will be purchased through the
GCCC’s insurance program and will be billed to you. Damages to our facility and/or equipment are to be reported
immediately to your Event Manager or our Public Safety Department. You will be held responsible for any damages to our
facility or equipment during your event.
Motorized Vehicles
Motorized vehicles cannot be operated in any carpeted area of the facility or in exhibit halls during show hours, with the
exception of scooters/wheelchairs for medical purposes.
Move In/Out Times
All setup and tear down must occur during the contracted dates and times.
If you require additional set up or tear down time, contact your Sales Manager to arrange an amendment.
All materials from your event must not arrive prior to your event and cannot remain after your contract ends.
We do not provide any storage for your materials.
Any items remaining in our building after the end of your contract will be considered abandoned and discarded at
our discretion.
Your insurance coverage must match the actual days that you are in our facility and avoid overlapping another
event could be contracted directly before or after your contracted dates.
Prohibited Items
Prohibited items include helium balloons, helium or propane tanks and any other type of fuel, items not in compliance
with the City of Columbus Fire Code, and confetti. Adhesive-backed decals (stickers) must be installed in accordance with
our applied graphics policy. Violators will incur removal/clean up charges.
Public Areas
Please speak with your Event Manager before scheduling any activity in a public space such as the concourse. These areas
are used by many of our clients simultaneously.
Recorded or Live Musical Presentations
You are responsible for all fees due to ASCAP/BMI, SESAC, etc. for recorded or live musical presentations.
Recording and Broadcasting
If you use any visual or audio recording at the GCCC or have service contractors wishing to use our in-house recording room,
you must get written approval via your Event Manager prior to arrival. Additional charges may be incurred. A Location


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