Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 11

Agreement must be completed before recording, filming, taping and/or photographing in connection with the event
undertaking related activities on and of the Property and to edit, broadcast and/or transmit such recordings.
Restricted Areas
Certain areas of the GCCC are labeled as “Authorized Personnel Only” strictly for GCCC employee use.
Right to Inspect
GCCC management and security personnel have the reserved right to inspect any package, purse, box, bag, container,
briefcase, luggage or cooler brought in or removed from GCCC property.
Freight – Delivered:
Freight, including overnight freight services, will not be accepted prior to your contracted move-in date.
All freight must be shipped to your general service contractor/ decorator who will deliver it to the facility during
the approved move-in period.
Any freight scheduled for delivery to the facility during the move-in periods must be sent to the attention of the
service contractor/ decorator.
GCCC employees will not sign for, accept or store any packages or freight for any client.
The facility will not accept C.O.D. shipments under any circumstances, nor will it accept responsibility for costs
associated with freight delivery / pick up.
Freight / shipments left in the facility will be disposed of at the licensee’s expense.
If you need to send any packages to our facility for your event, please refer to the Fern Company Freight Form located
within this guide. The Fern Company freight service will allow you to ship directly their warehouse where they will store
freight before your event and then deliver it to your contracted space inside the facility. They will also be able to pick up
and ship your packages back to your office or next destination.
Freight – Hand Carried: Small Package Concierge Service
Move-in or move-out through the facility lobbies is strictly limited to hand-carried items.

Dollies, flatbeds or anything mechanical is prohibited.

Materials that require the use of wheeled or mechanical equipment must be delivered via the loading docks.
Passenger elevators and escalators are not intended to carry freight.
Fern is the exclusive provider of the Small Package Concierge Service at the East and West Connector entrances
The program will allow those seeking quick access to the building with several packages to drop them off and
have them delivered to their respective meeting space
Concierge representative will provide unloading services onto a cart, hold guest’s materials on a cart inside the
connector while guest parks, and deliver materials to guest’s location in the GCCC or Hyatt at a cost of $40 with
payment via credit card

Signage /Applied Graphics
• GCCC does not supply signage for your event.
• We do promote your event on our website calendar, exterior signs and on kiosks located throughout the building.
• You are welcome to provide additional signage for your event that is professional in appearance, and that
complies with the specifications in this Event Planning Guide.
• If you wish to display a sign and/or graphics within the GCCC, please notify your Event Manager.
• Your Event Manager will notify you of any signage and installation charges per your license agreement.
• You will be notified of any special permits required by the City of Columbus to display signage outside the facility.
Graphics specifications require the use of 3M materials as follows:
Windows and railings: 3500 (indoor), IJ67 Perf Film, IJ63 Changeable White, IJ61 Clear Film and FP032302 White Block out for
Double Sided. Walls: 3500C. Floors: 40C with 8509 Lam
The GCCC is the exclusive applied graphics approver, installer and remover. The GCCC will approve all graphics attached to
the facility (walls, floors, steps, escalators, elevators, ceilings, doors, glass, GCCC fixtures, parking garages, etc.) on an eventby-event basis. You may use a company of your choice to produce (design or print) your graphics, however, all graphics
attached to the GCCC facility must comply with the specifications in this Event Planning Guide including, but not limited to,
specific materials, approved placement locations and notifications. The GCCC is the exclusive installer for installation and
removal of any graphics that are attached to the GCCC facility as noted above. The cost for the installation and removal is


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