Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 13

Floor Marking
Markings made by you and your decorator/general service contractor on concrete or carpet must be removed
without damage before departing our facility.
We highly recommend using standard stick or ball-type chalk or non-residue marking tape.
Any damage of tile, carpet and from removal of tape will be documented and the cost billed to you.
Floor Plans and Fire Marshal Inspections
Detailed, scaled floor plans are required for exhibit halls, registration areas, or special exhibits.
Three sets of preliminary plans must be submitted to us before you start to assign or sell space.
The GCCC will submit these plans to the City of Columbus Fire Marshal for approval.
Final floor plans also need to be sent to the GCCC two months (8 weeks) prior to your event for Fire Marshal
Once you have arrived, the fire marshal also will perform an onsite inspection.
All booth displays and materials must meet City of Columbus Fire Codes.
Loading Docks
GCCC Public Safety will assist with gaining access, staffing and move-in/move-out procedures for your event. Refer to the
GCCC Loading Dock Policy and Procedures for details.
Addresses to our loading docks are different from our official address. Please refer to loading dock tab(s) for directions.
Exhibit Halls A - D Loading Dock Directions
Battelle Grand Loading Dock Directions
If you have contracted a ballroom or meeting room, please contact your Event Manager for loading and unloading areas as
there will be no unloading / loading from our connector area.
For shipping purposes, packages/freight should be given the following addresses:
Battelle Grand:
400 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Exhibit Halls A, B, C, D:
500 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Loading and Lifting Devices
All forklifts, hi-lifts, and other material handling devices operated within our facility must be operated by an
operator licensed by an OSHA approved agency or program.
If you or your audiovisual company will need to use a hi-lift for focusing, incorporate the request into your rigging
call or contract to have a separate hi-lift delivered for your use.
All lifts delivered to the facility must be within your contracted time.
A copy of an OSHA approved operator’s license for you or your audio visual/production company must be
provided to GCCC Public Safety prior to use.
Motorized forklifts or pallet jacks are not permitted on any carpeted or tile areas.
You must use non-motorized pallet jacks with non-marking treads on carpeted areas of the building.
Overhead Doors and Sizes
Only GCCC staff will operate the overhead doors located at Docks 6, 19, and 35. All overhead doors must be closed before
we can start our HVAC system. Loading dock doors are 8’ x 8’. Drive-in loading dock door size is 16’ x 20’.
Permanent Concession Stands
Neither you, nor your decorator/general service contractor, can block any of permanent concession stands inside the
exhibit halls unless Levy has given prior approval. Please send your request to:
Levy Restaurants
Attention: General Manager
400 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Seller’s Permit / Sales General Excise Tax
Exhibitors who sell merchandise from the show floor must have the appropriate seller’s permit and licenses.


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