Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 14

While it is the individual exhibitor’s responsibility to obtain the permit, it is your responsibility to notify your
exhibitors of this requirement and to identify those exhibitors to whom the permit and license requirement
Some merchandise offered for sale by your exhibitors may be subject to sales and general excise tax.
For more information, please contact the Ohio Taxpayer Service Center:
30 E. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Special Parking for Exhibitors
We do not have a designated exhibitor parking area.
All exhibitors should park, at their own expense, in one of our lots or garages. Parking Map link here.
If you would like to pay for exhibitor parking, please see your Event Manager.
Trash Removal and Clean Up
For Exhibit Hall shows, one 40-cubic yard trash compactor is provided for your use.
The first disposal is complimentary; any additional disposals will be charged.
Televisions, electronic equipment or hazardous waste materials cannot be put into the dumpsters.
Grease, motor oils, televisions, electronic equipment or other waste materials cannot be put into our drains and
Items must be removed from our facility in containers that meet all regulations and ordinances.
It is your responsibility to remove all event related items from the GCCC. Items that cannot be removed with a
dust broom or floor mop will be subject to additional trash-removal charges.
The GCCC received 2009 New Construction and Major Renovation Silver certification and maintains a variety
of green practices, including appropriate disposal of recycled and compostable materials.
Truck Marshalling Yard
The GCCC does not have an official truck marshalling yard. If your event will require one, please contact your Event
Manager so arrangements can be made.
Section 4: Public Safety and Fire Codes
Cut Trees and Bushes
Cut bushes, trees, and shrubs are not allowed inside our facility.
All bushes, trees, and shrubs must be live, in burlap balls, and kept wet at all times.
Wood bark and chips used as decorative material must be kept wet.
Bales of hay are not allowed in the facility.
All items must have approval prior to installation.
Fire Emergencies
The GCCC is equipped with a fire-detection system monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In case of fire, the fire alarm evacuation system will sound with verbal instructions on what procedures to take.
Fire strobes and sirens will activate at the direction of Public Safety personnel.

Should they be activated, please instruct your event attendees to calmly exit the facility by the nearest exit.
Should an evacuation become necessary, Public Safety and Event Management will assist with the evacuation.
Obstructing or obscuring of any marked fire exit, hose/extinguisher cabinet or pull station is prohibited by law.
Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, no person, including anyone licensed to carry a concealed handgun, shall knowingly
possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordinance onto our
property, unless otherwise authorized by law.
Flame Resistance
All decorative materials used inside the building must be flame retardant. Proof that the item is fire retardant must be
onsite with you at all times. If you or one of your contractors has added a fire-proofing material to an item, please bring
the material’s canister with you.


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