Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 15

Hazardous Materials
All hazardous materials must be registered with the GCCC.
Submit the OSHA Material Safety Data Sheet regarding your hazardous material to your Event Manager at least
60 days prior to your event.
Hazardous materials (chemicals, gases, batteries, paints, oils, petroleum products, corrosives, solvents and
biological contaminants, including blood, body fluids, organic matter, cadavers, used First Aid supplies, and
sharps) are the responsibility of you, your exhibitors, and your attendees.
All hazardous items must be placed in clearly marked product-safe containers, safely stored and secured, and
disposed of properly in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Items may not be left in our building for later retrieval, or disposed of in our building trash receptacles, floor
pockets or sewage systems.
Any hazardous waste left in our facility will be disposed of immediately at your expense, including charges
associated with identification, containment, transportation, disposal, and the potential closure of our convention
facilities or waste disposal sites due to contamination.
Use of any oil-based haze/fog devices is strictly prohibited.
Requests to use of water-based haze/fog machines for enhancements must be submitted in writing to your Event Manager
at least 30 days prior to your event and approved by the local Fire Marshal. All requests must include information:
Type of material being used
General program dates
Event locations
Rehearsal times
Duration of use
Homeland Security
The GCCC follows the nation’s guidelines of readiness. In addition, we are able to maintain a security level of Green at all
times without hindering our client’s activities. Your Event Manager will keep you updated on the nation’s current level
and any additional precautions necessary to ensure you have a quality event.
Key Card Access Control
At your request, our facility will provide key card access to your contracted meeting spaces.
Our key card system locks your meeting rooms with a magnetic lock during prescribed times created by you.
You will be issued key cards that will grant you access to your space during your designated times.
The key cards can be designed to assign any rooms that you have contracted on one card.
We still have several rooms that require keys. For those you may use our in-house keys. As long as these keys are
returned, there is no additional charge. Or, you can have your event space re-keyed and removed from our
building master lock.
You can be informed of the charge per lock.
We will provide the number of keys needed for your staff.
Designate one member of your staff to receive all keys for your event and coordinate key distribution to your
This designated person will also be responsible for the return of all keys.
All keys must be returned immediately at the close of your event before you leave the building.
For each key or mag card that is not returned, a non-returned key fee will be placed on your master bill.
Lost & Found
Lost & Found, located in Public Safety, can be reached at 614-827-2547.
All lost items are turned into Public Safety where they are logged in and maintained for a period of 30 days.
Items not claimed within the 30-day time period are customarily discarded or donated to charity.
You may set up your own Lost & Found location during the duration of your event.
At the conclusion of your event, contact Public Safety so that remaining items can be retrieved and logged.
Medical, Emergency Response Stations (ERS), First Aid, and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)
The GCCC Public Safety Department works closely with the Columbus Fire Department to assist with medical emergencies.
In the event of a medical or other emergency where you would normally dial 9-1-1, please do the following instead:


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