Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 16

From any in-house phone dial 614-827-2547. This will put you in contact with our Public Safety Department,
which is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our Public Safety staff will take the necessary information regarding your emergency, notify emergency services,
meet emergency services upon their arrival, and escort them directly to the location of the emergency.
At the same time, another of our officers will immediately go to the area of the emergency to provide first
response. This method of emergency response has proven to be most beneficial, especially in a facility as large as
We have pre-established Emergency Response Stations (ERS) with the Columbus Fire Department to ensure they
go to the exact area.
Dialing 9-1-1 yourself could delay the arrival of emergency personnel since it may be confusing where to direct
The GCCC Public Safety team and many members of the GCCC staff are trained both in First Aid and the use of
AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). AEDs are located in the main concourse outside Exhibit Halls A, B, C
and D.
Our Public Safety staff arrives on the scene of an emergency with a First Aid kit, an AED, and oxygen.
Open Flames
Open flames are not permitted inside the building. Approval must be obtained from the Columbus Division of Fire.
Power Failures
Power failures rarely occur due to severe weather and/or power interruptions from our main distribution source.
Our building is equipped with an emergency power generator, designed to restore power to key areas of the
facility within seconds of a major power failure.
Emergency power would be restored to the exits, concourses, and service halls.
During a power failure it is not necessary to evacuate the facility. It is important to remain where you are and wait
for further instructions.
Public Safety and Event Management will share any information available.
Propane Tanks
All propane tanks must be removed before attendees can enter a room. All unused propane must be stored in a locked
cage outside in our loading dock area.
The GCCC is a public assembly building and the City of Columbus Division of Fire strictly regulates the use of pyrotechnics
within our facility. The guidelines for the use of pyrotechnics are described below:
The pyrotechnics contractor must hold a valid federal license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury,
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for the use of “low explosives.” A copy of this license must be provided
to your Event Manager at least one month prior to the show date.
The pyrotechnics contractor must apply for, and comply with, all permits and requirements of the City of
Columbus and must provide a copy of all approved permits to your Event Manager.
The pyrotechnics contractor must prepare and submit to your Event Manager a complete description of the
pyrotechnic activity. It should include:
1. A plot showing the exact location, type, and number of devices.
2. Protective materials and equipment for the activity.
3. Location and number of fire extinguishers for the activity.
4. Schedule of activities, number of certified pyrotechnic operators, and their locations.
5. Schedule for pre-show pyrotechnic tests to be conducted in the presence of a City of Columbus Fire
The pyrotechnics contractor shall provide a current certificate of insurance to your Event Manager naming the
GCCC, SMG, and the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority as additional insured parties.
The pyrotechnics contractor must provide certifications for all materials and products used in the pyrotechnic
activity, indicating that the materials contain no hazardous gases or materials, which would cause injury or harm
to attendees, show contractors, or facility employees.
Show management will be held directly responsible for all pyrotechnic activities.
Tents / Structures
All tents and structures brought into the facility must have prior approval.
Tents must have the flame-retardant tag attached.
Any structure or tent that is larger than 10’ x10’ must have additional smoke detection inside the


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