Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 17

structure / tent.
Enclosed structures that allow access above the structure may be required to submit structural plans and be
approved by the City Building department.
Tent for Arnold Plaza
Space rental for the Arnold Plaza can include a 30’ x 45’ tent supplied by the GCCC. The space and tent can be contracted
with your sales manager.
If utilizing the tent, the diagram is attached as an addendum.
Furniture may be utilized on the plaza. Cocktail tables or chairs must have plastic feet to protect from metal
contact directly on the cement surface. An option would be to utilize show carpet to cover all the concrete for
Alcohol on the plaza is permitted, providing a barrier is placed between the street and the plaza, such as bicycle
Bars can be utilized on the plaza.
A diagram with additional information about the tent appears in the resource sheet section at the end of this
Unattended Property
For the safety of our attendees, any unattended bag, purse, briefcase, cooler, box, etc. is subject to removal from GCCC
property, both inside and outside of the building, by our security department.
No items of any value should be left in an area that is unsecured or unattended at any time.
The GCCC is not responsible or liable for any items left inside the GCCC.
Weather-Related Emergencies
During severe weather it may become necessary to relocate to safer areas of the building designed to withstand winds
higher than normal, such as a tornado.

If a tornado warning is issued for our area, Public Safety and Event Management personnel will notify and direct
your event attendees to safer areas of the facility.
Areas such as restrooms, stairways, and inside meeting rooms that contain no glass are considered safe during a
tornado warning.
Attendees should be reminded to stay out of large areas, such as exhibit halls or areas that contain glass walls or
glass ceilings during these emergencies.
Section 5: Additional Charges
Contact your Event Manager during your budget-planning process so that he/she can help you identify possible charges
you will incur based on your event needs and prepare a cost estimate for your review prior to your event.
Cable TV
The GCCC has the ability for cable television to be a part of your event. Should you require it:

Contact Spectrum directly at 614-481-5050 to set up an account.
Inform Spectrum you are a GCCC client and you will need cable service.
You will need to provide the location of the service, installation time, and the disconnect time.
Spectrum will bill you directly.
All service orders must be reported to your Event Manager.
Smart City offers DirecTV to clients.
The GCCC exclusively handles all exhibit booth cleaning.

Our contractor will clean designated booths for you, as well as for your exhibitors.
We can vacuum exhibit aisle carpet for you if desired.
When you know what your needs are, contact your Event Manager and he/she will assist you and provide you a
cost for this service.
You will need to complete a 2019 Cleaning Services Order Form to obtain this service available
online at
Coat and Parcel Check
Levy Catering Services can provide a coat and baggage check service for your event.


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