Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 18


This can be either cash or hosted based on your preference.
The GCCC will provide the equipment and the setup for each selection as a complimentary service.
Please refer to your Levy Sales Manager for their costs associated with each service.
All coat and baggage check services will be placed in the most appropriate location based on your floor plans and
public space available.
If easels are needed, you, your decorator, or your audio-visual company must provide them.
If you do not have a decorator or audiovisual company, contact your Event Manager to order them for you
through our in-house General Service Contactor at an additional charge.
The GCCC Engineering Department installs all electrical service for you and your exhibitors.
The GCCC does not install power outside of our immediate building.
You will need to complete an Electric Order Form to obtain this service, which is included at the end of this
document and online at
Fire Marshal
Some events require the presence of a City of Columbus Fire Marshal for inspections and the use of pyrotechnics, etc.
Guest Services Center
Guest Services Ambassadors are available to assist with event performing functions such as greeting, ticketing and room
Insurance for Large Animals in Exhibits
When animals on exhibit at the facility have an adult weight that is, or projected to be, more than 500 pounds, the city health
code requires that the City of Columbus must be listed as an additional insured party on the event’s certificate of insurance. The
City of Columbus must be listed along with SMG, the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Franklin County Convention
Facilities Authority on the certificate.
The GCCC installs all Internet service through our business partner, Smart City, for you and your exhibitors.
To obtain this service, complete an Internet Order Form which is included at the end of this guide. It is available online at
Labor for Room Sets and Changeovers
We provide your initial setup at no charge, as long as we receive your setup requirements in final form and on time. Ask
your Event Manager what is included in your initial set, including all your non-exhibit areas (meeting rooms, offices,
general sessions, meal functions, etc.). You will be charged for additional equipment and labor costs for any changes to
these initial setups.
Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Coverage
We reserve the right to enforce the presence of, and schedule, EMT coverage based on event needs.
Basic EMT coverage consists minimally in groups of two with one EMT vehicle also on-site.
You will be billed for paramedic services at the end of your event, based on the event hours assigned at the
current labor rate.
Our Parking Department has options available to make your event a successful one, from online reservations, to daily
event flat-rate to a master account, all through one source.
Police Officers (Special Duty)
Certain larger events, whether public or private, may require the hiring of Columbus Police officers to assist with
incident/emergency response, public safety-related screening, or traffic control outside the building and at our various
parking areas. Your Event Manager will advise you if your event falls within these criteria and what additional charges you
will incur.
Public Safety
The GCCC reserves the right to require specific levels of security for an event. You will be informed if your event falls into


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