Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 21

Air Connect passes can be purchased on site at Experience Columbus in our South Café & Marketplace.
The COTA CBUS Circulator operates free of charge and passes are not required.
Equipment Rental and Inventory List
Our facility is equipped with an inventory of tables and chairs to meet your requirements.
• We have an inventory of special items (dance floor, basketball floor, lecterns, podiums, staging, seating risers,
pianos, coat racks, posts, rope, and chairs for non-standard sets in exhibit halls) available for rent.
• Please see the chart enclosed at the end of this guide for our complete inventory list and applicable charges, if
• It is important to submit your requirements to your Event Manager in a timely manner.
• Our equipment is distributed on a “first come, first served” basis.
• Once our inventory of any item is depleted, we would be happy to order in additional pieces at an additional
charge to you.
• Staging is available in various heights and sizes.
• We have 4’x8’ sections available in heights of 18”, 24” and 32”. These are available either carpeted or
• We have 4’x8’ sections of performance staging. These also can be carpeted and uncarpeted and are available in
heights of 48”, 72”.
• One section of staging is included in the cost of a room.
• You will be billed for any additional sections used.
Our meeting rooms are equipped with LED fixtures, with control panels and dimming systems.
Our ballrooms (Battelle Grand, Union Station and Short North) are equipped with LED lighting, along with LED color fin
With several thousand color combinations and shades, here is your chance to make your event stand out.
All can be accessed with control panels and dimming systems.
One standard set is included with your contract.
Should you require special lighting color combinations outside our standard sets, please contact your Event
Our exhibit halls are equipped with LED lighting.
During move-in and move-out days, only half-lighting will be available.
Full exhibit hall lighting will be provided on show days only.
If your production company should require certain lights to be turned off, consult with your Event Manager and
they will share with you the settings and pricing.
Should you require special lighting sets, please contact your Event Manager to work with our technicians to assist
you and will inform you of the additional costs involved.
If your group is responsible for any damage to our lighting system, you will be billed accordingly.
Monitors, Kiosks and Directional Signage
For your attendees’ convenience, we have informational signs throughout our facility.
You will find monitors in the concourse that list every event in our building, along with their location.
We also display a listing of events on our exterior digital signage board, which lists events and dates.
Inside the building, you will find overhead directional signage so that everyone can easily locate meeting
rooms, ballrooms and exhibit halls.
Room Refreshes
One mid-day room refresh is provided for each meeting room in use. The refresh includes:
The straightening of tables and chairs
Trash disposal
A minimum of thirty (30) minutes is required to complete a room refresh. Contact your Event Manager to arrange for
additional room refreshes.
Show Offices
If you have contracted an exhibit hall, you may utilize the show offices associated with that hall. There are offices located
in the front and rear of each hall. These show offices are available for your use during your contracted times. Concourse


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