Greater Columbus Convention Center Event Planning Guide - Page 9

Service animals with license are welcome in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act. Animals included in an
approved exhibit, display or event-related performances are permitted in our building. Qualifying animals must have the
appropriate identification and can be registered as an attendee of the show with a name badge that includes the contact
information of the human responsible for the animal. You and your attendees are responsible for the clean-up, waste
removal and any damage the animals cause. Your Event Manager can assist you in ordering animal waste removal bins.
Additional insurance may be required for your event. See Insurance for Large Animals in Exhibits section.
Before photographing or videotaping any area of the GCCC property, you must get prior written approval from us. We
also reserve all rights in connection with any broadcast that originates on our property. Please contact your Event
Manager for more information. A Location Agreement may be required.
Code of Conduct
In order to provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for all our guests, the following code of conduct must be
followed. Violators will be asked to leave the building and charges may be filed for prosecution. The following are
prohibited on GCCC property:
Visiting without wearing a shirt and shoes
Standing, walking, or sitting in any way that causes inconvenience to other guests
Disorderly or disruptive conduct, including the use of obscene or insulting language or gestures, running, yelling,
fighting, throwing objects, vandalizing, theft, littering, the loud playing of radios, inciting or instigating physical or
verbal confrontations
Use or display of slogans or communications of any kind which contain obscenities, racial, sexual, ethnic, fighting
words or religious slurs.
Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of authorized areas, or the use of illegal substances
Possession of pets, except service animals.
Unauthorized distribution of literature, offering items for sale, soliciting guests, conducting surveys, videotaping
or photography

Any act which could result in physical harm to people or property


Any acts prohibited by Federal, State or Local laws
Smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices
Use of Hoverboards
Utilizing escalators and elevators for amusement
Display Tables
Display tables can be provided for you to use inside / outside your event space in approved areas for an additional
cost. Please contact your Event Manager.
Display Vehicles
Any vehicle brought into the facility as part of a display must follow rules established per OHFC 314.4 Vehicles:
A permit with the City of Columbus must be filed / an inspection by the CFD will be scheduled prior to event
opening. A fee of $ 75.00 will be assessed at time of event arrival.
Fuel in fuel tanks must not exceed one-quarter tank or 5 gallons (19 L) (whichever is least).
The transfer of fuel is not allowed on GCCC premises. Contact your event manager if you need fuel transfer services.
Fuel cap must have a lockable gas cap or be taped shut.
Disconnect the battery. Cables must be taped together away from battery.
If a display vehicle is approved to be displayed in a carpeted concourse area, carpet protection must be provided
from the exhibit hall entrance to the concourse display.
If a display vehicle is approved to be displayed in a tiled area, additional protection will be needed such as wood
to be placed underneath the vehicle.
If the vehicle will be displayed in a carpeted area or atrium, Visqueen (plastic) must be underneath the entire
vehicle from bumper to bumper
Vehicle must be pushed once in the main concourse


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