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IGNITE on the
IGNITE trained and mobilized
thousands of young women
in 16 states, more than
doubling our reach from the
previous year.
IGNITE conferences train young women to run for
office, prepare them to organize in their communities,
and offers a platform to build relationships with
elected officials who provide mentorship,
internships, and jobs. IGNITE held eight
conferences across the country.
This competitive fellowship is for politically
ambitious women in or just out of college
or graduate school. Fellows build expertise
and networks, while training and organizing
thousands of young women across the
country. Our Fellows worked in San Antonio,
TX; Atlanta, GA; Southern CA; Twin
Cities, MN; Boston, MA; Seattle,
WA; New York, NY; and
Denver, CO.
College Councils and College Chapters provide
young women with a community of politically
ambitious peers and training to build tangible
skills. Participants learn to advocate for
policies that strengthen their campuses and
communities, and run for office. IGNITE has
chapters on 90 campuses across the US, with
more launching every day.
“At Young Women Run, I learned so much about
field organizing and campaign management.
Things I wish I knew when I ran my first
campaign. Next time I run, I will win.”
- Christy Matthews of West Hartford, CT ran for
state legislator when she was 21 years old.
Through our new licensure model, high
schools across the country use
IGNITE’s 50+ hour curriculum
to train young women to
define their call to service
and become politically and
civically engaged.
“IGNITE inspired me to run for a local
office. I want to be a voice for fellow
- Cheyenne Mosley, member of the IGNITE Club at Royse City
High School, ran for a seat on the Royse City Independent School
District Board of Trustees.
Federal, state, and locally elected officials model
leadership, share advice, and provide access to
internships and jobs for participants across all
IGNITE programs.
“We need women leaders that want to step up, who can
tackle our nation’s problems. I see many young faces
that are going to change the landscape of the American
political scene. We need you more than you need us!”
- Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida’s 27th
District, speaking at Young Women Run, June 2018.
“My peers in the fellowship
cohort each taught me
something new about what
it means to be a leader. From
Kirsten, I gained confidence. Sam
showed me how to advocate for
myself. Thanks to Zeenat, I’ve gained
clarity on my goals and how to get there.”
“The chapter continues to grow as politics and social
engagement are becoming ‘cool’ again. This last year
we’ve hosted debate-training sessions, community
service projects and visits by female politicians from
across the state.”
- Manisha Sunil,
co-founder and
of University of
Maryland chapter.
- Geovanie Ordoñez was the inaugural San Antonio
Fellow and is now Volunteer Coordinator for the Refugee
and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services
(RAICES), helping provide free and low-cost legal services
to immigrants in Texas.
Bootcamps train young women to apply to
public boards and commission where they
advise on local policy-making and position
themselves for future campaigns.
“I applied not only because
I want to be more involved in
my community, but because
I want young people to
know the power they
have to make an impact
- Kristen Gonzales of
Queens, NY was appointed
to the Queens Community
Board #4 after attending the
IGNITE Bootcamp.
In January 2018, IGNITE launched this new
network to provide ongoing
training and mentorship
opportunities for alumni
as they advance their
political careers.
“When I launched my
campaign this spring for
Oakland City Council District 6,
IGNITE alumni were some of the
first to volunteer their time. I am
running a very successful field effort
because of their support.”
- Mya Whitaker, IGNITE Alumni and candidate for
Oakland City Council.

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